One to One Initiative

One to One is Aesthetic Supply’s initiative to partner with a nonprofit to give back to our community. For our first campaign we have partnered with Café Momentum to provide each intern with a Fail Forward t-shirt. After the launch of our Fail Forward prints, Chad Houser, Executive Director of Café Momentum, envisioned each of his interns wearing a Fail Forward t-shirt as a reminder to respond to failure with perseverance. Through this One to One campaign, Aesthetic Supply will donate a Fail Forward t-shirt to an intern every time a shirt is purchased from our store. There are currently 39 interns, but our goal is to donate 50 shirts so that the incoming class of young men and women will also receive a shirt. Please help us remind these young people that failure should only be feared if we do not use it as a means to learn and grow.

Café Momentum, a Dallas-based restaurant and culinary training facility, transforms young people’s lives by providing a positive environment in which at-risk youth who have spent time in juvenile facilities receive intensive culinary, job and life-skill training, as well as continued mentorship and support, enabling them to achieve their full potential.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit restaurant, Café Momentum teaches critical skills that allow youth to apply what they have been taught in pre-release programs in a safe, real-world environment of nurturing accountability. By participating in our program, at-risk young men and women rotate through every aspect of the restaurant from waiting tables to washing dishes, while working side-by-side with established chefs.

Giving Back

Giving Back

Growing up my dad would tell me stories of what life was like for him in Nicaragua. He would tell me how he would go fishing in the river right in the backyard with just a bottle and some rice. They had countless of animals; chickens, dogs, cows and baby tigers… yes, I said baby tigers. Sometimes these stories feel like something out of a fiction book but in reality this was his life.