I was once told to, “perceive the universe with wonder, fascination and the desire to make it a more visually interesting place.” Aesthetic Supply Co was born out of this desire to make things that are interesting but most importantly to help others along the way. With a perfectly imperfect style, I strive to execute with excellence, from the start of a design, to the style of packaging. Our hope is that you will be inspired to also perceive the world with wonder, fascination and the desire to make it a more interesting place and we would love to help you on your journey. 

A little more about me.... My name is Fred Rodriguez, I was created to create. Creativity is an unending journey but it's one that I enjoy traveling. I have a passion to create using many different types of medium but I specialize in hand-lettering, branding and illustration. Crafting and building letters are a joy of mine but my ultimate joy and passion comes from my faith. I am married to an amazing woman, whom without I would be a complete mess. We have 3 little boys, so our house can get a little crazy at times. We have a shih-tzu named Gnarly to remind us of our California roots. We love brewing coffee, fellowship,and cooking pizza. Don't lose heart, press on, work hard and fail forward.