Fail Forward

       We all know that feeling when something you make or do is not successful. It can be disheartening, discouraging, painful but don’t let the failure ruin your chance at success. In fact let your failures fuel you to do better and push on for whatever is next on the horizon. Learn from what you did wrong, where you may have made a wrong turn and correct it. I can't tell you how many times I have failed at things that I wanted to succeed so bad but at the end of the day all I could to is learn from it.

      I started a company a couple years back and was very happy to have something to share with people. It was a company that I started with my brother, we were full of ambition, drive and we were dedicated to making this work.  Slowly but surely we started to lose grip on this company that we were so excited about. I attribute our failure to being ill equipped; we just weren’t ready to begin this company and ship products. We still needed to grow before we were able to start a company. I am all for the mentality to learn as you go but we had a steep learning curve. I felt horrible; we put money, time, and effort into this only to fail.

      I could have stopped there but instead I see it as paying for my education in a non-conventional way. Once we officially shut everything down, I began to think about how I could learn from this and how I could do things different. I began practicing and growing my craft and I slowly started to save some money to begin again. There is no substitute for hard work, you just have to do it. With the encouragement and support of my family and others I began my journey to a new company.  I am beyond grateful for my wife as she helped lift me up in those moments where I didn’t believe in myself, where I wanted to quit. Don’t get caught up in the “pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps,” thinking. Having people around you to help you up is important, find a friend, spouse, anyone and don’t be to prideful to accept their help and encouragement.  Today I am happy  and humbled to share with you Aesthetic Supply Co.

Don’t lose heart, press on, work hard and fail forward.